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Bring Back the Joy of Learning

We know something is wrong with our “sick care” system today. Twenty years ago, autoimmune diseases and type two diabetes were unheard of in children. Patients have more issues than ever, and many times we are limited in what we have in our arsenal to treat them. Today, physician and other health care practitioner burnout leads to early retirement and job dissatisfaction. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Healthcare Practitioner Courses

Knowledge is Power

Past medications used to be made from plants and animal tissues; doctors and pharmacists used herbal remedies and homeopathy, vitamin therapies were standard and doctors learned how to recognize nutrient deficiencies, pharmacists compounded many medications specifically designed for the patients by their physicians.

Join our next live CE Class on Immune System Balance for Pharmacists, Naturopathic Doctors, Nurses and PA.

Live CE Course

Is Your Immune System Prepared for a Viral Infection?

In the wake of COVID-19, uncertainty reigns. Who is considered at higher risk and why?

Free Integrative Medicine Class

This free course is a training on integrative medicine by various practitioners: Alison Bested, Medical Doctor (pathologist, hematologist oncologist, and Board Certified Integrative Medicine physician), Doris Newman, Osteopathic Doctor, Osteopathic Fellow who has practiced for over 30 years, and
Lynn Lafferty Pharm.D (pharmacist), Naturopathic Doctor, and Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition.

Mentorship and Herbal Medicine Training Program

This training will teach students about products in herbal medicine and neutraceuticals as well how to examine cases.

The Endocannabinoid Course

This course is taught by professors and doctors who teach about and clinically prescribe cannabinoids. The course reviews the Pharmacology, Pathophysiology and Clinical Applications for the use of THC, CBD, THCP, CBG, other natural and synthetic cannabinoids.

Date to Be Announced

Immune System Balance Course

This course covers the immune system, examining lab results, antibiotic resistance, and the pharmacology of antibiotics. We'll explore natural plant defenses, immune boosters like vitamins and minerals, and ethnopharmacologic research for patient health.

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