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Is Your Immune System Prepared for a Viral Infection?

In the wake of COVID-19, uncertainty reigns. Who is considered at higher risk and why?


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About Integrative Health & Wellness

Our integrative team of doctors, pharmacists, and researchers believes in an integrative approach to healthcare, combining the wisdom of past medicine with innovative research of today.

Bring The Joy of Learning Back Into Your Practice

We know something is wrong with our “sick care” system today. Twenty years ago, autoimmune diseases and type two diabetes were unheard of in children. Patients have more issues than ever, and many times we are limited in what we have in our arsenal to treat them.

Past medications used to be made from plants and animal tissues; doctors and pharmacists used herbal remedies and homeopathy, vitamin therapies were standard and doctors learned how to recognize nutrient deficiencies, pharmacists compounded many medications specifically designed for the patients by their physicians.

Today, physician and other health care practitioner burnout leads to early retirement and job dissatisfaction.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


Come Think With Us


Training for Healthcare Practitioners

This training reviews body systems using biochemical pathways, physiology, genomics, and research to help practitioners learn how to use Integrative, Functional, and Herbal Medicine strategies to resolve many of today’s health problems.

  • Foods as medicine
  • Diets that work with medical conditions
  • Review of research on herbal therapies
  • Review of medical conditions with prescription medications from the past
  • Review medical literature on causes of diseases and conditions that takes years to come to mainstream medicine