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In 1950, obesity was rare, there was virtually no type 2 diabetes, our food was fresh, and autoimmune diseases were virtually non-existent. Doctors made house calls and were part of the family, and the medicines they used were mostly from natural substances.

Today, we have access to the modern technology and new medical techniques that are creating miracles every day, and each new day brings a new discovery about how each person is an individual in their genetic, biochemical and physiological makeup.

In our course “Become a Body Detective,” we merge past wisdom with research of today. Enjoy the free herbal medicine course “Food as Medicine,” followed by our 15-week series “Become a Body Detective,” to combine the best and very successful treatments from the past with the most exciting research and technologies discovered today.

Sessions are taught by pharmacists, physicians, nutritionists, and researchers covering nutrition, pharmacology of how medications work, and how the physiology and biochemistry work with those treatments. Earn your continuing education credits and ask questions directly to the presenters by attending the live webinar lecture.

Clients share their experience

A recent Article in JAMA states, “Nutrition education in medical school is rudimentary, at best, and that “requirements for meaningful nutrition education in all phases of medical training are long overdue.”

It discusses the dire need for nutrition education in medical schools and residency training, pointing out that the knowledge was extremely important to patient care as well as resident wellness.

The article makes several important points of how patients’ diets and lack of knowledge leads to disease, and those societal costs are dire.

It also points out that people are looking for wellness strategies as well as nutritional and diet information, and doctors who can understand research on diets and how various nutrients work should be the ones providing that information.

With 30-40% of Americans using alternative treatments and spending more than $30 billion each year, shouldn’t we be the experts in care?

If we are not going to be the expert on the research and pharmacology of supplements, are we willing to put such serious health issues into the hands of the 19-year-old at the health food store?

It is imperative that medical doctors and pharmacists receive this training to provide patients a higher level of knowledge and care. 

At Integrative Health and Wellness, we know that in order to have optimal health, patients need to have high-quality food, water and air. You can use modern technologies and drugs for immediate help, and balance the body’s biochemistry with supplements and diets that repair systems and provide the building blocks for ideal wellness. 



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